Postgraduate research student

Much of the CETL’s work has been focused on developing support for doctoral students, and we believe that the resources contained in this section are of particular value to people who are in the process of completing their documents and contemplating subsequent academic careers.


Academic practice handout

Click below to access an online version of a leaflet produced by the CETL for aspiring academics, summarising the key issues surrounding academic practice.

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Research Supervision website

Click below to access the Oxford Learning Institute’s Research Supervision website; a convenient resource for supervisors and other audiences, developed following discussions with Directors of Graduate Studies and supervisors about the developmental needs created by the changing context of doctoral education at Oxford.

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Apprise – CETL website for early career academics

ImageClick below for the Apprise website, developed from the results of research projects, funded by the CETL and carried out via the Centre’s Network of research-intensive universities. The research outputs have been remodeled as resources intended to be helpful for doctoral students.

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Careers mentoring programme

A report on the CETL’s academic career mentoring scheme, developed to enhance provision for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers at Oxford to learn from experienced alumni at other institutions.

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ImageOxford Divisional websites

Direct links to each University of Oxford Division’s own webpage.

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Other useful websites

Links to organisations with useful resources for Early Career Academics.

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‘Beyond the Ivory Tower’: the postgraduate perspective on ‘Developing Learning and Teaching’

Article by an Oxford D.Phil Candidate in Italian on her experiences of the Developing Learning and Teaching programme, initiated by Preparing for Academic practice to provide a structured approach to critical reflection on teaching practices.

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Perspectives on Career Mentoring

Articles explaining the concept behind, and an experience of, the Career Accelerator Academic Mentoring Programme, designed to help Oxford D.Phil students learn from academics at different institutions.

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Academic Practice Days: a participant’s view

An article by Sarah Steele, an Oxford DPhil researcher in Law, on her experience of a one-day event organised by the CETL, bringing together academics from a wide range of disciplines and institutions to discuss common themes of interest.

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