Postdoctoral researcher

The Centre always made efforts to reflect and promote the interests of postdoctoral researchers interested in academic careers. The intention of this collection of resources is to assist postdoctoral researchers in their career development, and to represent their perspectives on their current situations.


Careers mentoring programme

A report on the CETL’s academic career mentoring scheme, developed to enhance provision for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers at Oxford to learn from experienced alumni at other institutions.

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ImageOxford Divisional websites

Direct links to each University of Oxford Division’s own webpage.

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Other useful websites

Links to organisations with useful resources for Early Career Academics.

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Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) and me

A postdoctoral researcher in Medical Sciences explains how he felt the Developing Learning and Teaching Programme helped him to improve his teaching skills, access services for academics and compile a portfolio of his experience.

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ImageResearch Perspectives

CETL Director Lynn McAlpine’s article, The Next Generation of Social Scientists: Private and Public Discourses at Cross Purposes?

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Policy from Reports derived from CETL research

Policy documents emerging from the Next Generation of Social Scientists research study. This study explored how doctoral students in the social sciences learn, experience their academic environments and prepare for academic careers.

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Fixed-term researchers in the social sciences: Passionate investment yet marginalizing experiences

A journal link for an article by CETL Director Lynn McAlpine on the under-examined experiences of fixed-term researchers.

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