Conceptual and research issues

The resources included in this section relate to the approaches and values underlying the work of the Centre, which can be traced through the activities undertaken by the unit, and which are reflected in CETL’s outputs of research and resources.


ImageAchievements in relation to Oxford CETL goals

This section details the Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice’s conceptual objectives and how these were achieved.

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Stakeholder reflections: additional achievements

This section highlights additional achievements the CETL performed beyond its initial objectives.

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ImageTheoretical Underpinning of the CETL

This area outlines specific theories which the CETL has adopted to underpin its work, including notions of academic practice, sociocultural theory and Coburn’s framework for scaling up change.

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Lessons Learned

How the CETL adopted a decentralised model for change in order to enhance preparation for academic practice more broadly both within Oxford and across different institutions.

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ImageHow the CETL characterised Academic Practice

This article outlines how the CETL has defined and worked with the notion of Preparing for Academic Practice.

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A Conception of Academic Development

An article explaining how the CETL initiated a series of events to encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional interactions amongst academics who traditionally would not have collaborated

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ImageCETL Network research project reports

The University of Oxford’s Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice funded a series of research projects, undertaken by members of staff working at a number of other research-intensive universities, and collaborating as part of the Centre’s Network. Final reports on these seven projects are collated below.

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How we approached Evaluation

This section describes the foundations underlying the CETL’s approach to different kinds of changes experienced within academia, and how these concepts of change form the basis for evaluating the Centre’s own work.

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ImageList of CETL publications

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ImageResearch Perspectives

CETL Director Lynn McAlpine’s article, The Next Generation of Social Scientists: Private and Public Discourses at Cross Purposes?

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Research tool templates

Outlines of tools used in the Preparing for Academic Practice’s collaborative research projects

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Policy from Reports derived from CETL research

Policy documents emerging from the Next Generation of Social Scientists research study. This study explored how doctoral students in the social sciences learn, experience their academic environments and prepare for academic careers.

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